In traditional Thai massages, like in other oriental systems, a person is perceived and treated as a whole. The Thai massage technique is based on slow, rhythmic pressure along energy lines; it works with body acupressure points, stretching, and joint movements which often resemble yoga poses.

Feeling which flows through client’s body

In Thai massage, the masseur or masseuse uses fingers, palms, feet, andknees for stretching and exerting pressure, and by doing this, the client reaches yoga poses while constantly focusing on their own body centre. On certain parts of the body, the pressure is put for a longer period of time. Combination of these slow movements along with a focus on a certain body part creates a subconscious flowing through the client’s body. Thai massage is also called yoga for the lazy, but in this case, both masseur and client benefit from it.

Recommended duration of Thai massage

The massageis custom-made according to the client’s individual needs and their body. The exerted pressure may be very gentle, medium but also intense. Everything depends on sensitivity, flexibility, muscle tension, but, of course, also on the age and health of the client. The averageduration of the treatment is from 1.5 to 2 (sometimes even 3) hours.

One hour is not sufficient as Thai massage techniques are performed very slowly, thoroughly and cover the whole body, from head to foot.

Basic positions of Thai massage

The 4 basic positionsperformed in Thai massage are: on the back, on the stomach, on the side, andin the sitting position. Not always are all of these positions used during one treatment, everything depends on the choice of technique and, of course, on the client, their health status, andother specific criteria.